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LNine Consulting

Modernizing Services,

Maximizing Client Value

No matter where you are in your organizational journey, LNine is here to help. 


We work with clients to take advantage of current technologies with cloud and security while providing the capability of leveraging the data to become a data driven organization. Digital Transformation is not only about adopting cloud, but leveraging it as it impacts your entire business and to be more data centric in your decisions.

What we do

LNine expertise lies in the intersection of Cloud, Data and Security. We are focused on bringing outcomes for our clients and ensuring we are the agents of change they need. 


Moving to, modernizing in or integrating with any cloud technologies requires expertise to ensure you take advantage of the benefits of cloud to drive innovation and operational efficiency. 


It is not tangible but it carries value in the right hands. It is durable yet it can age. It is not consumed when used and not gone if stolen. Data, take advantage of your existing assets in the digital world. 


Moving to, modernizing in or integrating with any cloud technologies requires expertise to ensure you take advantage of the benefits of cloud to drive innovation and operational efficiency. 

Our Approach


Helping you understand the ‘as is’ as it relates to your Cloud, Security, or Data ambitions, strengths, opportunities for improvement.


Helping you identify your ‘ideal state’ as we both embrace and establish the journey to toward your Cloud, Security, or Data ambitions. Review a business case specific to your organization and evaluate the benefits of taking this journey.


Working collaboratively to build and integrate the next generation of services and solutions that will advance your organization,  leveraging modern Infrastructure, Application, Security, Data and AI technologies, methodologies and approaches.


Working with you to deploy, operate, manage, maintain and optimize your modernized and authorized services and solutions, keeping you safe on both the journey in, as well as to, the cloud of your choice.

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LNine Experience

Knowing what and how to utilize technology to drive outcomes is the real challenge, and is often what separates the pioneers from those struggling to keep up.

When guided by skilled hands and a clear vision, technology has the potential to propel organizations and the people they serve forward.

— That’s where we come in. 



LNine Expertise

LNine has grown out of providing solutions to Federal Government Departments, with significant experience in regulated industries and environments.

The resources we deploy possess Canadian Government Security Clearances, and are proven professionals in their respective fields and market sectors. As a result, our clients not only benefit from exceptional guidance and solutions, but also elevated confidence knowing that they are in safe hands.  


Our Delivery: Your Way


LNine prides itself on being truly independent, truly agnostic and truly customer-centric. Seeking to make all interactions frictionless and seamless, led-by and tailored to what you need and how you want it. 


  • Outcome-based solution based
  • Force-multiplier / PAYG – Staff Augmentation
  • Hybrid (blended mix of client and LNine Resources)
  • Managed Delivery (third party working under our direction)


  • Fixed Price
  • T&M

We are builders, driven by our values


As a wholly Canadian-owned and Ottawa-based company, we pride ourselves on being being builders who are driven by our values, entirely committed to our clients' satisfaction and long-term success. Unlike companies driven by shareholder interests, we are solely dedicated to exceeding our customers' expectations while being driven to build a reputation based on the quality of our work.

Deploying our highly skilled and certified IT, Advisory, and Change professionals, we possess the capacity to handle projects of any scale while also maintaining a highly personalized experience. Our C-Suite is directly involved in every project, ensuring integrity, transparency, and adherence to the highest standards. We are always responsible for our deliverables and accountable to you. Using exclusively Canadian-based resources cleared by the Government of Canada, our focus is not merely on consulting with you, but on delivering tangible outcomes and results that add significant value to your business. With LNine, you can expect professionalism, dedication, and a genuine commitment to your success.


Our Partners



At LNine, we recognize that truly transformative outcomes harness the full power of the cloud and prosper at the cogent nexus of cloud, data, and security.

This critical intersection allows organizations to collect, store, and analyze vast amounts of data to unlock powerful insights that enable data-driven decision making. It also provides for unparalleled agility and scalability in the face of rapidly changing demands.

Empowered by enhanced operational readiness, leverage built-in and comprehensive security measures that protect against cyber threats, ensure the safety of sensitive assets, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.   

Through this holistic approach, LNine helps clients foster increased confidence from their customers and stakeholders, while delivering optimized solutions and services that are as efficient as they are secure.  

Review our latest insights to learn more about this integral nexus, and to discover how LNine can help solidify the path to success for your organization.   


150 Elgin Street, 8th Floor, Suite 1040, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1L4