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LNine ISV & Partner Services

Harness the full potential of our ISV & Partner services


Why Choose LNine


At LNine, we understand the importance of local knowledge and expertise to help
accelerate and scale our partners. Our comprehensive suite of services are tailored to
assist our partners and ISVs from both inside and outside Canada in successfully
driving sales and solution development, configuration, integration & deployment into the
Canadian market.

By choosing LNine, ISVs and partners can benefit from streamlined market entry
through our expert guidance on regulatory compliance and tailored localization
services. Additionally, they gain access to established sales channels and distribution
networks, ensuring wider market reach and increased sales opportunities. Our
comprehensive technical support, managed services, and operational support
guarantee seamless software deployment and maintenance, while project and change
management services ensure efficient implementation and adoption. Furthermore,
access to skilled IT resources, near-shore development options, and specialist technical
expertise enhances development capabilities and accelerates product innovation,
ultimately leading to increased competitiveness and market success.

Group 71

Support for ISV & Service Partners

Your Canadian-Based Specialists

For non-Canadian companies and organizations looking to operate and thrive in Canadian market sectors.

Your Local Force-Multiplier

For Canadian companies looking to accelerate their growth, agility, and operational efficiency.

Services Overview
Public Sector Compliance

Building Secure Cloud Environments and Infrastructure compliant with Government of Canada and Other Relevant Requirements.

Private Sector and Industry Standards

Security-Cleared in Country Resources to build, configure and deploy applications in accordance with either your own or your client's requirements.

Development and Deployment Oversight

Providing Managed Services for solution development, deployment, infrastructure, and data security.

Project and Change Management Services

Project & Change Management and Specialist Resources provision including: Infrastructure, Application, Data, AI
& Security Specialists.


Data Assessment 

We start by assessing your current data environment, challenges, and opportunities. We identify your data sources, types, flows, and dependencies, and evaluate your data maturity and readiness. We also review your business objectives, requirements, and expectations, and align them with your data vision and strategy.




Data Management 

We provide ongoing data management services to ensure your data solutions are functioning properly and delivering value. We monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your data systems, and provide updates and enhancements as needed. We also provide data analytics and reporting services to help you measure and optimize your data outcomes and ROI. 


Data Strategy 

Based on the results of the data assessment, we develop a data strategy that defines your data goals, priorities, and roadmap. We help you define your data architecture, standards, policies, and processes, and establish your data governance framework and roles. We also help you select the best data platforms, tools, and technologies for your needs. 




We execute your data strategy by designing, developing, testing, and deploying solutions that meet your specifications and quality standards. We follow agile and iterative approaches for timely and effective delivery, while ensuring security, scalability, and performance. Additionally, we provide training, documentation, and support for a smooth transition and adoption.

ISV & Service Partner Offerings

By choosing LNine, ISVs and partners can benefit from streamlined market entry through our expert guidance on regulatory compliance and tailored localization services.

Having grown out of the heavily regulated Canadian Federal Government market, LNine has a range of services for ISVs and Partners looking to break into and scale in any of Canadas regulated environments. Support offerings include;

Navigating Canadas Regulatory Environments

Assistance in understanding and navigating Canadian laws and regulations related to software sales, data privacy, and industry-specific regulations.

Localization Services

Understanding and navigating the complexity of Canada’s two languages, 3 tiers of government and
their relative relationships and interactions as it impacts sales, procurements, deliveries and compliance.

Sales and Distribution Channels

Help in establishing sales channels, partnerships, and distribution networks in Canada, including online sales platforms, resellers, and retail outlets.

Technical Support and Maintenance

Provision of technical support services to assist customers and their end-clients with installation, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance of the software.

Cloud Infrastructure and Hosting

Capabilities to build out compliant cloud infrastructure and hosting services within Canada
to ensure optimal performance, data security, and compliance with local data residency requirements.

Customization and Integration Services

Assistance with customizing the software to meet specific needs of Canadian customers and integrating it with other systems, deploying an on-shore (in-Canada) model.

Training and Education

Delivery of customers training programs and educational resources for Canadian end-users to
maximize their productivity and proficiency and delight with your solution.

Operational Support

On-Shore (in Canada) Services such as 24/7 monitoring, incident response, and infrastructure
management to ensure smooth operations and minimal downtime for Canadian clients.

Managed Services

Comprehensive On-Shore (in Canada) management of software deployment, updates, and performance optimization, allowing our customers and their end-clients to focus on their core business while ensuring the software operates efficiently and securely.

Project and Change Management

Assistance with project planning, execution, and change management processes for deployments in Canada, in order to ensure smooth implementation and adoption of the solutions whilst minimizing disruption and maximizing your ROI.

Solution Development Staff Augmentation

Provision of additional skilled IT resources as your near-shore development team to supplement your existing team, helping you to fill skill gaps and increase capacity as needed at Canadian-cost-rates
without the additional overhead of employees.

Specialist Technical Resources in the Canadian Market

Access to our specialized technical expertise in areas such as OD, cybersecurity, data analytics, artificial intelligence, white labelled as your resources and providing tailored support to meet the unique requirements of your Canadian end-clients.

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