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Serving the Public Sector


RFP's Released in 2023


RFP's Released in 2022

Who we serve


LNine serves the Federal Government by providing IT and business consultants in a T&M or solution outcome capacity. As Government moves more towards fixed fee services, we stand ready to support their initiatives with timely and well delivered outcomes.

We provide guidance and recommended best practices in the IT solutions recruitment industry based on our stakeholder engagement model to improve onboarding workflows and candidate identification

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Modernizing Public Sector


At LNine Consulting, we have a deep understanding of the federal government sector and its unique needs and challenges. We have successfully delivered Cloud, Data and Security Solutions for various federal departments, helping them comply with the highest standards of regulations and security. We also help them use cloud technologies to enhance their mission outcomes, operational efficiency, and citizen engagement. This is how we started our journey and we are proud to continue it.

We have worked with various departments getting cloud migrations over the line and set up with appropriate FinOps practices to ensure cost savings and efficient deployment. In order to get to this phase you also need the appropriate level of evidence gathering for your SA&A leading to ATO. This process is widely known as a bottleneck and we work to improve the efficiency of moving to cloud by understanding the most stringent requirements of how to make this happen.

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