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LNine Security Services

Get your Authority to Operate


Security Assessment & Authorization


Our company offers a comprehensive service package that includes both Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A) and Authority to Operate (ATO) services for federal departments in Canada. We work directly with cloud service providers to ensure that only authorized software and hardware are implemented in your information technology (IT) environment.

SA&A is the process by which departments ensure that only authorized software and hardware are implemented in their IT environment. Security Assessment is an ongoing process that evaluates security practices and controls to determine if these are implemented correctly, operating as intended, and achieving the desired outcome. Security Authorization involves obtaining and maintaining a security risk management decision which explicitly accepts the related residual risk, based on the results of a security assessment. This authorization is referred to as “the Authority to Operate” (ATO).

We work closely with out team of experts who conduct SA&A reviews of IT systems and services in accordance with a formal process and in compliance with Treasury Board of Canada (TB) and Shared Services Canada (SSC) policy requirements. We will also work directly with cloud service providers to ensure that all necessary security measures are in place.

We understand the importance of timely delivery and can offer this as a fixed fee to our clients. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind knowing that your IT environment is secure and compliant.

Security Service Offerings


We have a comprehensive understanding of the Security Authorization and Assessment process and are able to collaborate with your preferred CSP to efficiently establish your evidence gathering or assessment.


Moving or migrating workloads? 

Work with our security team in order to bring your workload through the ATO process with ongoing compliance checks after deployment.


Our SIEM implementation services ensure robust security by seamlessly integrating advanced threat detection, real-time monitoring, and incident response capabilities into your organization’s infrastructure

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