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What Does LNine do?

Harness the full potential of LNine

Bridging in Top Talent into your Organization.
Services Offered

At LNine Digital Consulting, we work with clients take advantage of current technologies with cloud and security while providing the capability of leveraging the data to become a data driven organization. Digital Transformation is not only about adopting cloud, but leveraging it as it impacts your entire business and to be more data centric in your decisions.


Transform your business with L-Nine's secure and scalable cloud implementation services.

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If data is the new oil, let L-Nine help you create the refinery to produce data driven decisions and insights.

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Navigate the ever expanding complex landscape of cybersecurity with L-Nine by your side

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The Business of AI

Where does your organization sit on the Data Maturity Model? What is your vision to create value from AI projects? 

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Leverage your existing knowledge and assess your environment to gain a clear understanding of the next steps. Start with a Data and Cloud Assessment for a solid foundation in progress.
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Staff Augmentation

We offer specialized search services to enhance project teams in need of additional support for technical projects. 

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150 Elgin Street, 8th Floor, Suite 1040, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1L4